AWS 2019 International Exhibition NY, NY , Edgar Whitney Award & will be in the AWS Travel Exhibition to 6 US Cities



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Welcome to my site. I hope you enjoy my paintings.

  (last updated: 1/8/18

Adirondack Exhibition Burstein Award/ sold

When painting, I lose myself for a while and
am free to create and design a work that’s loose
and spontaneous on YUPO. I try to capture just
the essence of what’s inside myself, painting
quickly with a lot of flowing energy. I like there
to be a lot going on close up, but to have the
wholeness of the work show that something’s
there too. I design with pattern and my work has been described as a "Sense of Interval".

 I am the  former Vice President /Screening Chair and Workshop Coordinator for the Pittsburgh Watercolor Society.  American Watercolor Society signature member and a Pennsylvania Watercolor Society Sylvan Grouse Guild signature member.
Awards and Exhibition

  Eileen Sudzina
Education:     West Virginia University, BS (MT) ASCP ( worked 39 years,  retired 2012)
                              CCAC , Associates Degree in Commercial Art & Design
                              Springmaid Beach Watercolor Workshops, 15 years of 1-2 weeks/yr
Exhibitions and Awards

        Mar 2019         Accepted into Society of Watercolor Artists Exhibition, Fort Worth, Texas
        Mar 2019         Taught 2 day workshop for McMurray Art League
        Jan 2019            Accepted into Fallbrook Signature International Exhibition in California
        Jan 2019            Accepted into Georgia Watercolor Society Exhibition
        Jan  2019           American Watercolor Society International Exhibition NY, NY: gained 
                                   AWS signature status, Award: Edgar Whitney Award & 2019 AWS Travel   
                                   Exhibition to 6 US cities
       Sept 2018          Creative Catalyst Interview and paintings (see
       Aug 2018           Accepted into Pittsburgh Aqueous Open International Exhibition
       July 2018           Accepted into Northeast Watercolor Society Exhibtion AWARD: MemberAward
       July 2018           Accepted into Pennsylvania Watercolor Exhibition Award"  NWS Award
       June 2018           Conducted Workshop at Greensburg Art Center "Painting on Yupo"
       April 2018          Accepted into Baltimore Watercolor Society Exhibition Group D Award
       April 2018          Illinois Watercolor Society Award: Creative Expression Award
       Mar 2018           Accepted into Society of Watercolor Artists Exhibition, Fort Worth Texas
       Mar 2018           Accepted into National Watercolor Society member Exhibition San Pedro,Ca
        Feb 2018           Accepted into Northwest Watercolor Society Exhibition, Washington State
        Jan 2018            Accepted into American Watercolor Society Exhibition NY, NY and
                                    2018 AWS travel Exhibition to 7 US cities. 
        Nov 2017           Seton Hill College Women in Art Exhibition Award: 2nd place
        Oct 2017            Pittsburgh Aqueous Open Exhibition Award: Award of Merit 
        May 2017           Yupo Workshop in Latrobe Art Center for highschoolers
        April 2017          Accepted into Pa Watercolor Society Exhibition Award: 2nd place
        Mar 2017           Accepted into Adirondeck National Exhibition Award: Burstein Family Award
        Mar 2017           Conducted Workshop at Latrobe Art Center on "Painting on YUPO"
        Mar 2017           Accepted into Baltimore WCS National Exhibition

        Mar 2017            Accepted into Georgia Watercolor Society International Exhibition
                                      Award: L& G Walker Award
        Dec 2016            Pennsylvania Watercolor Society On-LineMember Exhibition:
                                     two paintings accepted

        Nov 2016            Accepted into SAMA, Southern Alleghenies Museum of Art Exhibition
                                     at Loretta, PA  Award: 2nd Place Dr Magdi and Karen Azer Award

        Oct 2016             Juror for Latrobe Art center member show, Latrobe, Pa

        Oct 2016             Accepted into Pittsburgh Watercolor Society  2016 "Aqueous Open
                                     International Exhibition " Award: President's Award 

        Oct 2016             "Southwest Art Magazine"  October 2016" included in article on
                                     SanDiego Watercolor Society Exhibition.

        June 2016           Accepted into San Diego Watercolor Society Exhibit , SanDiego Ca.
                                     Award: Altman Family Award
        June 2016           GAC Rowe Gallery "Rythms" Exhibit Award of Distinction, Greensburg, Pa

        May 2016           PWS Exhibit at Three Rivers Arts Festival:  AWARD: Honorable Mention
        Feb 2016            First Solo exhibition, "Local scenes on Yupo" , runs Feb 11- March 24, 2016
                                    at Greensburg-Hemfield Library. 40 works 20" x 26" or larger (20 framed)
        Oct 2015            Published in Dec 2015 issue of Watercolor Artist Magazine"Ones to Watch"
                                    and on Artist Network "10  Up and Coming Artists"                                 
        Oct 2015             Pittsburgh Watercolor Society International  Aqueous Open 2015,
                                     Spinning Plate gallery, Pittsburgh Pa,     Award: 3rd Place 
      Sept 2015            Pennsylvania Watercolor Society Exhibit, “Connellsville , PA. Awarded PWS 
                                   Signature Membership;   Award: Honorable Mention.
      July  2015            Greensburg Art Center Juried exhibition, "Once Upon a Time",
                                    Award: 2nd place
      June 2015            Pikes Peak Watercolor Society Show, Colorado “Downtown Pittsburgh”,
Award: 2nd Place
      March 2015        American Watercolor Society Exhibition, New York City, "West Newton 2".
       Nov 2014       SPCARTS, Southern Alleghenies Museum of Art, Ligioneer Valley, PA.
                              “Horseback Riding in PA”
                                                  July 2014   Pittsburgh Watercolor Society, International Aqueous 
                                                              Open Exhibition,  Spinning Art Gallery, Pittsburgh Pa,  
                                                              “West  Newton”,  Award: 2nd place
                                                  July 2014     National Watercolor Society International Show,
                                                                 San Pedro Ca.,  “East Liberty  PA”,    Painting sold
                             May 2014       Greensburg Center for the Arts Biennial,  Rowe
                               Gallery, “Yardworks 2”, Award of Distinction (2nd place)
                                         April 2014  Pittsburgh Watercolor Society, Waterworks Exhibition,  
                         Spinning Plate Gallery, “Cedar Creek Park”,    Painting Sold
                                                Oct 2013      Pennsylvania Watercolor Society 34th Exhibition, The Cary  Art Gallery, Warren, PA.,  “Mountain Retreat"

Aug 2013   National Watercolor Society Member Show, San Pedro, California " Yard Works”      Painting Sold
  Oct 2013              Pittsburgh Watercolor Society International  Aqueous Open Exhibition, 3rd Street Gallery, Carnegie, Pa.  “Hello Cows”
   Sept 2013            Greensburg Art Center, Rowe Gallery, “Growing Up”, Award: Best of Show
   Sept 2012            Norwin Art League, 2012 Exhibition, “Walking and Thinking”,  
Award: Best of Show
Art Affiliations:    former Vice President/screening chair, exhibition chair of the Pittsburgh Watercolor Society   
AWS Signature member
                                       NWS Member                                      
                                                   PA Watercolor Society Signature Member & Sylvan Grouse Guild
                                        member of several local art leagues